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Left the world of advertising several decades ago to revive his creative spirit and integrity. He had always loved the three dimensional art form, and. with the encouragement of his mentor, Everard Read, found his expression in sculpture. A passion for the bush and wide open spaces and the creatures that inhabit it, inspired his choice of subject matter.

Observing animals acutely and in intense detail, David creates pieces that capture each subject with great realism and charm. His miniature pack of Wild Dogs has been praised by game rangers as perfectly observed and captured. His bird sculptures, while being “ornithologically correct” are also greatly appreciated for their beauty. Over the years his sculptures have found their way into homes, businesses and institutions throughout the world and he has had a number of successful exhibitions in South Africa and abroad.

In his own words, “I am fascinated by the thought that I am able to create sculpture that can give my clients feelings of peace, joy and happiness when remembering the stunning cameos of their own experiences in the bush.”



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